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If you are selling your property because of Divorce, WAIT we might help you reverse the process if you are still interested on that.
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Marriage is not hard is just to know how does God designed and what to do to make it run properly.

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(239) 537 - 8593

Attention Hard Money Lender

Interest: We offer between 7% to 15% for the time of the project. We call Lenders in order from lower interest to hight. 

Time: We program our projects to finish between 4 to 8 months, rear cases little as 2 months and max of 10.

Payment: We will pay only interest during the time of the project and at closing the remain balance. 

– Guarantee: We only buy properties below market value including the rehab amount will not exceed the 75% of the market value, Your money is secure with the property been you 1st position, you get pay first then we keep the profit at the end. 

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